Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon is Japan's most renowned and esteemed marathon. Join thousands of participants each year as you enjoy the atmosphere created by this exciting race while taking in all that iconic Tokyo has to offer.


The Tokyo Marathon is one of the world’s premier running events, drawing thousands of runners each year from all around the globe to experience its unique atmosphere and challenge. Since its humble beginnings in 2007, this world-class marathon has grown significantly; now drawing over 35,000 participants. Offering stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline while passing some of its iconic landmarks, this world-class marathon provides an incredible running experience not to be missed! Whether an experienced runner or just beginning their running journey – don’t miss this great event!

Tokyo Marathon Overview

The Tokyo Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event hosted in Tokyo, Japan since 2007. Since 2007, this marathon race has grown in popularity, becoming one of the world’s premier marathons. Beginning at Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and concluding at Tokyo Big Sight on Odaiba Island – passing many notable landmarks including Tokyo Tower and Meiji Shrine along its course – runners traverse an 18 km course starting and finishing in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Tokyo Big Sight respectively.
The marathon offers participants a range of distances to choose from, spanning from full 42 km marathon to shorter 10 km races. Every year, thousands of athletes from around the globe come together for this extraordinary event; spectators line the course in support of their favorite athletes! The atmosphere at every marathon event is electrifying!
The Tokyo Marathon features various fun activities for participants of all abilities, such as live music performances, food stalls and even a costume contest!

The Course

The Tokyo Marathon is one of the world’s premier marathons, drawing thousands of runners each year to its course. Beginning from Tokyo City Center and passing iconic sites like Tokyo Tower and Imperial Palace before heading out into suburbia for views of Shinjuku and Shibuya before finally returning back into downtown Tokyo towards its finish line at Tokyo Big Sight – runners are sure to feel an immense sense of achievement at completing this amazing journey!

Race Preparation

Preparing to run in the Tokyo Marathon is both exciting and requires careful preparation. To maximize your experience during this exhilarating event, ensure you’ve trained properly and gathered all of the essential gear. Here are some helpful tips for how you can prepare:

1. Prepare: Preparing to run in any marathon – and especially one as challenging as Tokyo Marathon – is crucial for success. Create a training schedule incorporating running and strength exercises multiple times each week so your body can adapt over time to running long distances.

2. Get Ready: For maximum comfort during the race, ensure that you have appropriate running gear and shoes that fit perfectly for a perfect running experience. If possible, test out any new equipment during practice runs prior to race day.

3. Nutrition: When training for a marathon, proper nutrition is of utmost importance, so ensure you eat nutritious meals throughout your training and on race day itself. In addition, don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids during runs to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration!

4. Rest: Don’t neglect rest days! Recovering after intensive workouts will help your body prepare for race day and make you stronger when the time comes. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per night in the days leading up to your marathon as well as occasional short naps during the day, plus take short naps if necessary during your journey.

By following these steps, you’ll be better prepared to tackle this exciting challenge! Good luck!

What to Expect on Race Day

Race day offers participants an unforgettable experience as runners pass some of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks such as Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, and Ginza shopping district en route. Along the route spectators offer support while cheering runners along their course.
At the starting line, participants can expect a festive atmosphere as they prepare to compete in one of Japan’s major races. Entertainment such as live performances will help get everyone in the spirit before setting out on their journey – then it’s just up to each participant to do their best and appreciate every sight along their route!
The Tokyo Marathon boasts numerous aid stations along the course that offer water and energy gels to keep athletes hydrated and energized during their run. Medical teams are available should anyone require help during or after their run; plus there are various photo opps along the course so runners can capture memories from their marathon experience.
Race day at the Tokyo Marathon promises to be an exhilarating and inspiring experience! All those involved will surely cherish every second.

Accommodations and Transportation

Participants in the race can take advantage of available accommodation and transport services in Tokyo to make their experience comfortable and convenient.
Tokyo accommodations range from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels, offering something suitable for every budget and taste. Hotels located near the starting line may provide shuttle services on race day; or public transit such as trains and buses is always reliable and inexpensive.
Airbnb listings and youth hostels offer affordable lodging solutions.
Transportation within Tokyo is very accessible; from its metro system providing fast access to all parts of the city to taxis readily available in every corner, to renting bicycles from one of many bicycle rental shops around town – travel around is made simple!
Tokyo makes the marathon experience easy with a wide variety of accommodations and transportation services available to participants, enabling them to take full advantage of this vibrant city before or after taking part.

After the Race: Celebrating Your Achievement

Once you’ve completed the Tokyo Marathon, it’s time to celebrate! The finish line of this marathon can be found in Tokyo’s Central Park, providing the ideal setting for post-race festivities. From intimate dinner parties with close friends or loud all-night bashes – there are numerous places available where you can unwind and celebrate all that hard work you put in!
If you prefer something more laid back, Tokyo has plenty of delicious sushi restaurants or ramen shops where you can relax for dinner, as well as plenty of bars and pubs where you can celebrate your success with an ice cold beer or festive cocktail.
If you’re feeling more adventurous, plan a night on the town. Karaoke is often chosen by marathoners looking to sing their favorite tunes after crossing the finish line; alternatively you could experience live music at one of Tokyo’s jazz or rock venues or dance the night away in one of many nightclubs – Karaoke is also available 24/7 in Tokyo should it appeal to you.
No matter how you celebrate your success, take time to acknowledge all that has led up to it and to give yourself credit for all you’ve accomplished!

Tips for Running a Successful Tokyo Marathon

Successfully running the Tokyo Marathon takes careful preparation and planning in order to guarantee an unforgettable experience. Here are a few tips for making sure your marathon experience in Tokyo runs as smoothly and effortlessly as possible:

1. Prepare for the Race: Make sure your body is ready for race day by adhering to an effective training program designed specifically to your needs. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the course layout so you can plan your pace appropriately; practice running at various times of day so you can adjust to any environmental changes during race day.

2. Stay Hydrated: Be sure to bring plenty of water on race day, in addition to electrolyte and energy drinks if running in hot weather.

3. Eat Well: Eating nutritious and healthful meals prior to any race will give your body energy for success on race day. Avoid heavy foods right before starting–instead, opt for lighter options like fruits, vegetables and nuts instead.

4. Dress Appropriately: For maximum comfort and breathability, layer up when the temperature drops! Make sure your clothing provides enough wind and rain protection while still offering ample ventilation if it gets windy or wet outside!

5. Have Fun: Remember that running is meant to be enjoyable experience–it should not just be about winning! Take some time before, during, and after the race to appreciate everything around you; enjoy experiencing Tokyo’s beauty while running its streets!


The Tokyo Marathon has quickly become one of the must-attend running events worldwide, drawing thousands of participants every year since 2007. Boasting a unique course and vibrant atmosphere, Tokyo Marathon provides an unforgettable experience for all who participate. No matter whether you are an experienced marathon runner or newcomer looking for their first race experience; Tokyo Marathon provides something special.

The Tokyo Marathon provides an incredible opportunity to experience one of the world’s most incredible cities while pushing yourself physically and mentally. While running along its course, take time to take in all that Tokyo has to offer; from ancient temples and shrines to modern skyscrapers and bustling streets there’s something special waiting for you here that is sure to remain with you long after crossing its finish line! You will never forget this incredible experience that is sure to remain memorable long after crossing that finish line!

No matter your finish at the Tokyo Marathon, it will still be an uplifting experience. Conquering such an epic challenge and making memories that will outlive you are hallmarks of success; take pride knowing that you contributed to making history by being part of such an iconic event – not to mention those back home cheering your success!

Sign up now for the Tokyo Marathon and challenge yourself! It will be worth your while – running is only part of it, after all – with plenty of volunteer opportunities aplenty on race day! Join and experience what makes this race unique: camaraderie among runners, breathtaking views of Japan’s capital city, and an incomparable sense of achievement!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Tokyo Marathon?

The Tokyo Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event held annually in Tokyo, Japan since 2007. As one of six World Marathon Majors, this marathon draws participants from all around the world – both professional runners and amateur runners from amateur running groups – competing to win prize money and race through some of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks, such as Imperial Palace, Ginza shopping district and Tokyo Tower.

When does the Tokyo Marathon take place?

The Tokyo Marathon typically takes place annually on the first Sunday in March.

How long is the Tokyo Marathon course?

The Tokyo Marathon course spans 42.195 kilometers (26.219 miles).

Is there a time limit to complete the Tokyo Marathon?

Yes, the Tokyo Marathon does have a time limit to finish successfully. The cutoff time for full marathon runners is seven hours and thirty minutes after starting gun. Anyone not at their finish line by this time will not be eligible to finish.

What are the entry requirements for the Tokyo Marathon?

Entry requirements to the Tokyo Marathon depend on which category of runners you enter.
International runners applying to compete in the Tokyo Marathon must have successfully completed a full marathon (42.195 km) within 5 hours and 30 minutes within two years prior to race day of this marathon event.
Japanese applicants for the Tokyo Marathon must have successfully completed a half marathon (21.0975 km) within 2 hours and 15 minutes within two years prior to race day, within the past two years before participating.
Participants must also be at least 18 years old on race day and free from any medical conditions that would preclude safe participation in a marathon race.

Where can I find more information about the Tokyo Marathon?

Visit the Tokyo Marathon official website at to gather more information, such as registration forms, route maps, FAQs and related material. Moreover, stay updated by following its social media accounts for news about and updates regarding this race!

Are there any special events associated with the Tokyo Marathon?

Yes, there are various special events associated with the Tokyo Marathon. The Tokyo Marathon Expo takes place during the week leading up to race day and offers various vendors and activities; then on race night itself there is an official pasta party for participants; while on race day there are entertainment stages along the route offering live music performances; plus post-race celebration events allow runners to celebrate their achievements with friends and family!

Can I run with a partner in the Tokyo Marathon?

Yes, running with a partner in the Tokyo Marathon is allowed without restrictions or limitations; just ensure both participants register as participants of the race separately or together using “partner registration”.

Is there an age limit for participation in the Tokyo Marathon?

Yes, there is an age restriction to participate in the Tokyo Marathon. At least 18 years old must register on race day to be eligible to join, while full marathon participants must be at least 20 years old and 16-year old participants in order to run 10K races.

Are wheelchairs allowed in the Tokyo Marathon race?

Yes, wheelchairs are permitted in the Tokyo Marathon race. All participants must register to race in the wheelchair division. Racer must satisfy certain criteria such as holding a valid license and receiving medical clearance prior to racing day; all wheelchair racers will also receive support from an official support team on race day.

How much does it cost to enter the Tokyo Marathon?

Entering the Tokyo Marathon costs Y=18,000 (approximately $170 USD). This fee covers your race bib, official T-shirt, medal and any additional race items.

Is there a prize for winning or placing at the Tokyo Marathon?

Yes, winning or placing at the Tokyo Marathon does come with its own awards and prizes. Each race category’s top three finishers will receive both cash prizes and trophies; furthermore, top ten finishers in each race category will each be honored with an award certificate; all finishers completing within their time limits will also receive commemorative medals as an incentive.

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